About Sandy

Yes.  I am creative.  I like to play in Photoshop, love my Canon DSLR, dabble in HTML and CSS, write the occasional story — sometimes fact, sometimes fiction — and I’m always looking for fun ways to learn something new.

I never said I was GOOD at any of these things.  That’s why I don’t share very often. But I’m learning.

This blog is dedicated to progress in sharing — and getting GOOD at some of these artistic ventures. Pulling myself out of my own shell, I’ll share my success, my failure and hopefully you’ll find some good advice and be able to take lessons from my mistakes.

IMG_1311I’m a wife, daughter, sister, aunt and the mama of four fur babies (cats Belle, Beast, Marty and Emmett).  I’m a multimedia journalist who knows print and web, loves community news and mobile. I have a master’s degree in library science and a passion for books, even hoping to write one someday (is there anyone who doesn’t want to write the ‘Great American Novel’?)

When I’m not with my family or working, I love to travel — especially to Disney location or anywhere with a beach. I’m hooked on primetime TV, big budget movies and the N.Y. Mets, and I’m a sucker for chick lit.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll find out together that I’m an artist, too.