Walt Disney: An Inspiration

Walt Disney knew he loved cartoons in his preteens and by age 20, he’d started his first animation studio — “Laugh-O-Gram Films” — in Kansas City, MO.  It failed, but in that failure is a lesson for us all.  Failure doesn’t mean you give up…learn from it and try something new.  And thank goodness Walt did or we wouldn’t have Mickey Mouse!

One-hundred-ten years ago today, Walt Disney was born. In honor of the anniversary of his birthday, I’ve just started listening to the book Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler. I can’t imagine having the drive and ambition he did, but I’m hoping to learn a little something from his story.

And one of the many things on my list of creative things to learn — something absolutely inspired by Walt Disney’s creations — is how to take great photographs of fireworks.  My goal is to take a photo worthy of this gallery of images released by Walt Disney World.

Here are some shots from recent trips. I’m getting there…

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