My Bucket List

This is a living document started on March 23, 2014. Getting my life “goals” down on virtual paper makes things more real and, I hope, more likely happen.

On a side note, in preparing this list I spent some time looking through other people’s digital bucket lists and it sure did make me grateful for all the adventures I have already had. I’ve visited three Disney resorts — including getting engaged and married at Walt Disney World. I’ve had the pleasure of swimming with dolphins, sea lions and mantas. I’ve climbed a waterfall in Jamaica and Mayan ruins in Mexico. I’ve visited castles all over England and the top of the Eiffel Tower at night. And that’s just to name a few. I’m thankful for the great life I have.

Now, here’s an idea of what’s still to come. This list will certainly grow and some items may change…and I’ll definitely be putting completion dates next to these as they happen!

Personal Goals:

  • Learn to surf.
  • Live in Florida.
  • Publish a book.
  • Learn to play guitar (or maybe ukelele!)
  • Learn to shoot a crossbow.
  • Work for Disney again.
  • Be an extra in a movie or TV show. (Talk shows and sporting events don’t count…been there done that. Thanks Jimmy Kimmel, NY Mets.)
  • Go whitewater rafting.
  • Go to a World Series game (preferably the Mets).
  • Go to an NFL game (preferably the Eagles). DONE 10/12/2014
  • Learn to design WordPress themes.
  • Learn Italian.
  • Learn to edit video. GETTING THERE (can edit simple video in iMovie) 02/2015
  • Get a small, meaningful tattoo.
  • Make a gingerbread house from scratch.
  • Take a ride in a hot air balloon.
  • Own a dog again.
  • Volunteer for an animal rescue organization.
  • Make a big, anonymous donation to charity. (Guess I can’t exactly cross this one off after I do it…but that’s OK.)
  • Have a conversation with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.


  • Visit the Dole Plantation in Honolulu to pick and eat a fresh pineapple. APRIL 2015 – Can’t wait!
  • Stay at Disney’s Aulani. APRIL 2015 – Can’t wait!
  • Ride Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea.
  • Eat sushi in Tokyo.
  • Take a gondola ride in Venice.
  • Spend a few days hiking in Cinque Terre and add a lock to the Via dell’Amore.
  • Unplug for 48 hours, by myself, someplace tropical. (Kindle allowed, for ease of packing.)
  • Take a week off and jump on a plane…no pre-planning. Just have an adventure.
  • Visit Niagara Falls (see the back side of water.)
  • Go to Comic-Con — at least once.
  • Ride every coaster at Cedar Point.
  • See Graceland.
  • Have coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde.
  • Plan a special girls trip for my — gulp — 50th birthday.  Still lots of time before this one.
  • Explore the Coliseum in Rome.
  • Ride a scooter in Key West.
  • Visit Hong Kong Disney.
  • Renew our wedding vows in a Vegas chapel.