Thin Mints Are A Gateway Drug

The Girl Scout cookies were delivered this week.

There’s an empty Thin Mints box in the trash.

I couldn’t help myself. I think I’m an addict.

I’ve been mostly off sugar since early January as a part of following Weight Watchers. I eat fresh fruit during the day and have a treat in the evening — Fiber One lemon bars are delicious, as are Skinny Cow caramel pretzel ice cream bars. Otherwise, no sweets.

Or, I should say, I WAS off sugar. Then those damn cookies arrived.

I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for how quickly people cave to those little boxes of carb-loaded confections (on a serious note, I do think sugar is more addictive than alcohol — and people don’t have any choice but to eat.

Anyway, here’s what my last few days have looked like:

  • First, it was three Thin Mints before bed in place of my evening snack.
  • The next day, I took the rest of the sleeve to work and shared them — I ate three more. I also had a few pretzel M&Ms. I forgot how good M&Ms are after almost two months without them.
  • I opened a new sleeve of Thin Mints before bed…I ate five this time.
  • I usually just get coffee and a mini sandwich at Dunkin’ for breakfast, but I was craving sugar and the Brownie Batter doughnuts were still available. Just one more before they’re gone, and one won’t hurt. Right?
  • One of my co-workers brought in homemade blueberry coffee cake — I just ate a little piece.
  • I brought a box of Samoas and another sleeve of Thin Mints to work for a meeting — I ate two of each after lunch.
  • In line at Wal-Mart they had Coke Light — the one with cane sugar and Stevia. It’s almost as good as the real deal and the whole bottle was only 160 calories.
  • Now, I’ve just finished dinner and I can’t stop thinking about the box of Tag-a-longs in the kitchen, which would be great with a little Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter ice cream.

If you know anything about Weight Watchers, you’ll know my weekly points are gone, and then some. And it all started with three Thin Mints.

Thank goodness there are only two boxes left. And at least it’s only once a year!

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